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from:Yufeng Machine date:2016/1/18 count:1099

Eco brick machine


Eco brick machine utilize raw materials slag, slag, fly ash, powder, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, scientific ratio, add water and stir, pressing water high-pressure mud-brick by eco brick machine, hollow blocks or colored paver brick machine equipment. eco brick machine, also known as the road machine, paver brick machine, Curbstone making machine, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick and so on. Sintering is not required, by a short period of drying can be manufactured. It can be said less investment and quick, is the hot industry of many investors.
Shandong Yufeng block machine manufacture supply a large number of eco brick machine, brick path multifunction machines, paver brick equipment, price direct selling price. Welcome to buy. The company is the perennial professional manufacturer, in a pragmatic, science and technology innovation, quality first, customer-oriented principle, continue to introduce advanced technology and modern management experience, we developed a rigorous process standards, strict quality control system and improve the detection means. The company free of charge to the user site engineering and technical personnel to provide users with planning sites, design the best processes programs; assign service personnel arrived at the scene to guide customer installation and commissioning, to help customers plan and manage equipment, direct access to customer satisfaction.

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